Don’t sign up to be a librarian if you are not a book person; or a banker if numbers make you nauseous; or a college professor if interacting with a bunch of teenagers in prolonged hours gets on your nervous.

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Jobs You Never Knew About

Most of us go through education thinking we’ll grow up to be a lawyer or a physiotherapist or perhaps that we’ll go into HR. But there are so many more jobs out there than that and if you take the time to look around, you might just find something better.

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Professions of the Future

When you ask around, it seems there’s a general dissatisfaction with the quality of the ‘future’ that we received. Everyone was expecting to see flying cars, people on hover boards (thanks, Back to the Future) and silver jumpsuits; where are they?

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General Studies is Generally Okay

​If you’re heading off to college in the near future, there are plenty of options for fields of study. But there’s one option that doesn’t get the credit it could deserve—one you might scoff at, never realizing it could be the diamond in the rough.

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Many people are working from home these days. Some employees telecommute for their jobs, but others are self-employed freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent contractors and consultants. Running a home-based business means freedom and flexibility.

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Dream Career Path

They say – if you find a job you love, you would never have to work a day. As clichéd and corny as this ancient saying sounds, the fact is this is absolutely true. When you enjoy doing what you do for a living, your profession doesn’t just limit to being