The introduction of technology based machines and equipment have greatly assisted man to become more effective in all ramifications.

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The introduction of technology based machines and equipment have greatly assisted man to become more effective in all ramifications. It has successfully replaced the struggles experienced on a daily basis and has also reduced the average amount of time spent on queues to enjoy a particular service. Technology has been successfully incorporated in the way we buy and sell things, the way we learn, the way we interact and even the way we book for services we are interested in. The introduction of online-based ticketing or the use of automated ticket dispensers at movie theatres and other places of entertainment have not just reduced the level of stress people have to deal with on a daily basis but have also assisted the business owners to manage the crowd and also increase their level of efficiency.  

The creation of online movie theatre ticketing websites like Fandango has been one of the most important influences of technology on the movie, event and entertainment industry. It created an avenue where people can take a look at the movies available for public viewing at the theatre and also book for these movies with much ease without having to leave their comfort zone. While Fandango is making waves in the movie industry by serving as an online movie ticketing platform, it is important that we take note of how it all started from the conception of the dream to where we are today. In this article, we shall look at the evolution of ticketing at movie theatres and the benefits of using automated ticket dispensers at these venues.


Ticketing at movie theatres has experienced a great deal of development over the last hundred years. It started off as a simple way to monitor audience and limit unauthorized access to the movie theatres thus leading to the generation of huge revenues for the concerned industries. Right from the appearance of the first movie theatre in 1895, ticketing has served as the major source of revenue which has contributed almost 46% to the event industry.

The word “ticket” made its first appearance in the 16th century when it was associated with a paper that gives its holder some sort of privilege when used in certain scenarios. These notes were usually written on a piece of paper or cardboard and are tendered at the entrance to a venue. In the 21st century, ticketing took a new turn to mean a common practice in any form of event whether music festival, tradeshow, sports game, and even movies.

The structure of the entertainment industry was the major factor that influenced the rapid evolution of movie ticketing. The rate at which the event industry grew to a global scale necessitated the move to a more convenient and effective method of issuing tickets for movies and events. The manual way of issuing tickets at movies became rather ineffective due to the increased level of patronage from the teaming populace hence the reason why the event industry brought about the integration of a highly effective and more accessible method of issuing tickets.

In the 90s, movie tickets were only sold at specific outlets like ticket venue and local stores, and this was characterized by a high rate of inefficiency. The successful introduction of event technology saw the need to introduce the use of online ticketing platforms accessible anywhere on the globe. With this technology, people were able to book for movie tickets from the comfort of their homes using their mobile phones without any form of interruption. The 2002 world cup final between Brazil and Germany was the first event to use this technology and today tickets for events can be accessed from anywhere on the globe.

The success recorded at the 2002 world cup finals led to a shift in the way tickets are being purchased for events. At the time of writing this article, more than 71% of movie tickets are now purchased online. The platform is fast and highly effective. The level of success recorded with the use of the technology-assisted ticketing platforms fast-track the use and integration of mobile-based technology for ticketing, the use of automated ticket dispensers at events, social media event ticketing, the introduction of multiple payment gateways, and integration of decentralized Blockchain technology.

The successful integration of these methods into the movie ticketing industry was aimed at solving the problems associated with manual ticketings such as crowd control, inefficiency, high level of insecurity, payment related challenges and fraud.



The successful integration of the online movie ticketing platforms by Fandango has created an avenue for all movie lovers to enjoy a high level of benefits some of which are listed below;

Increased level of awareness:

The internet has served as one of the best methods of disseminating information. With a good movie website like Fandango, you stand a chance of obtaining first-hand information concerning the movies available for public viewing, the time schedule and the best ways to book for your ticket. The booking process is quite easy due to the integration of flexible payment options.  

Crowd control and management

With an online movie ticketing platform like Fandango, crowd control at your movie theatre has never been more accessible. The automated ticket machine assists you in arranging the individuals based on their ticket numbers thus reducing the rate of human interference in the whole process. With the mobile application which is available on all platforms, you can easily book a seat even from the comfort of your home thereby reducing the total number of people struggling to lay hands on the limited ticket in the market.

Helping managers track their business

The use of online movie ticketing platforms like Fandango has greatly assisted managers to keep track of their business. Since the whole method is automated, there is little or no form of human interference thus reducing the level of human errors and boosting business effectiveness and management.


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